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What is WebMoney Passport?

Settlements between the users of WebMoney Transfer System occur remotely. It is often the case that the parties do not know each other and are unable to meet. Hence, it is no surprise that the issue of trust comes to the fore.  How safe is the transfer of funds? May the recipient be a fraudster? And then again, who is the mysterious person hiding behind the twelve digits of WMID?  In the aforementioned cases and in many others WM=Passport service will assist you.

WM Passport is a digital identity document certified with an equivalent of the hand-written signature of a WebMoney Transfer System user, which contains its owner's personal data: full name, passport information, and contact information. WM Passport confirms that its owner is an actual person. Depending on the quantity and the procedure of the verification of the information presented by a user, there are various WM Passport types.  The higher the level of the user's Passport, the higher the trust for them, and the more opportunities WebMoney Transfer can give.

The WM Passport of any WebMoney Transfer System user can be viewed on the Verification Centre website after entering a WMID or wallet number.

On the personal  website, any system user can post an icon certifying they have WM Passport of a certain type.

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